Common Drainage Problems

Common Problems

Blocked drain or toilet in Torbay? 6 common causes.

Why is my drain blocked? I need a blocked drain plumber in Torquay. How to unblock a drain?

If you have a blocked drain or toilet it is likely that one of the following issues contributed to it…

6 common causes of a blocked drain in Torquay

1. Items Flushed Down the Toilet.

This is a biggie. Many items are flushed down the toilet which should not be. Your toilet and drainage system is designed for removal of human waste and toilet tissue. Not much else should go in there.

Commonly this is baby wipes and flash wipes. Sanitary items and nappies are fairly common and can cause major problems as they expand when filled with liquid. Also we do not recommend so called “flushable wipes”. Despite saying that on the label they still cause problems and IF they decompose over time, it isn’t fast enough to stop them collecting in your drain., An engineer will be able to jet or clear these for you as overflowing sewage is not something you want to experience.

Keep a bin in the toilet or sanitary bag to remove any items you should not be flushing.

2. Leaves and other Garden debris

Blocked drains commonly result from by leaves other outdoor waste blowing around and filling them. Uncleared gutters can also contribute to the deposits.

Sweep and tidy your garden regularly and a garden glove picking leaves out of external drains is a must.

3. Cooking oil and fat.

Ever heard of a “Fatberg”? This is very common. Grease and fat washed down the sink after cooking is a serious problem, and most of us do it! Fat and oil coagulate and form an impenetrable barrier closing off your drain system.

Pour away excess oil, fat and grease into a disposable container to keep things running smoothly.

4. Hair

Long and short hair is problematic. Washing your hair in the sink, especially after it is freshly cut can create a ‘spider-web’ like blockage in the pipes.

5. Tree Root Growth into the drains

Tree roots grow. Sometimes the encroach on the drain pipes and underground areas . Commonly they crack or break drains but can also enter and cause any number of issues.

An existing crack can encourage roots to grow into it and exacerbate the problem.

A CCTV survey will check that your drains are in good order and identify where there is a problem.

6. Food Remnants and Waste

No offence to your mother-in-law, but her cooking could be playing havoc with her pipes.

Pushing leftover food down the kitchen sink plughole is not a good idea. Leftover food is a common cause of blocked drains. We recommend all food waste goes in the food recycling bin. If you are dealing liquid based foods like gravy there is less of a risk if flushed down with a generous amount of hot running water.


If you are currently having issues with your drains then contact a reliable drainage company such as Drain Care 247 for advice.

07926 096650 Matt (Drain Care 247)