Blocked Drain Torquay Torbay

Frequently Asked Questions

Who To Call To Unblock Drains?

Some people think they should call a plumber when they have a blocked drain. That may be true if it’s a localized minor blockage in a toilet or a shower. However when you experience more serious drain issues you should always call a drain specialist. This is due to the expensive equipment needed to tackle large drain issues. Some plumbers will carry this equipment but others simply can’t afford it. Drain Care 24/7 Torquay can get out to you with specialist drain equipment in absolutely no time to eradicate any drain issue you might be having no matter how big or small. With no call out fees and competitive rates on all services. Call today.

Are My Drains Blocked?

There are many ways to tell if you might have something wrong with your drains one of the easiest ways to spot if you’re experiencing trouble with your drains is to flush the toilet and see if the water rises higher than usual. Another tell tale sign that your drains might have something wrong with them is a strong odor coming from your drains, toilet, or sink. If a sink is draining slowly you may be experiencing drain issues too. Luckily drain care 24/7 Torquay is on hand 34 hours of the day 7 days of the week ready to deal with any drainage issues you may be experiencing, Call today and speak to one of our friendly experienced team members about all the steps we can take today to make any drain issue you might’ve had no more. We don’t charge call out fees and can be with you ridiculously quickly. Call today you have absolutely nothing to lose. Here for if and when you need us most with professional drains services 24/7 365.  Call the team now!



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